ProActive (Fostering Teachers’ Creativity through Game-Based Learning) is a European LLP project which started in January 2010 and finalizes in December 2011. It aims at fostering creativity and supporting flexibility of trainers working in Lifelong Learning (LLL) sub-programmes through the design of game-based learning scenarios. ProActive is supported by a pedagogical framework where 5 different learning metaphors are considered.
In ProActive, we have helped teachers of Comenius, Erasmus and Leonardo programmes to develop around 60 learning scenarios with educational games. Two digital tools have been used to create the games: ( and EUTOPIA.
Within the last two years intense work has been done around ProActive. 15 focus groups were organized where teachers and educators from different backgrounds were exposed to ProActive’s ideas and their opinions were collected. The outputs of the focus groups were used as initial requirements to refine the game editors and ProActive strategy and development plans. In addition, teachers were trained in the use of the game editors in different workshops related to ProActive.
The project is leaded by the University of Barcelona (Spain). Five more partners from four countries are also involved in ProActive: Sapienza University of Rome (Italy), CAST (Wales), University Federico II of Naples (Italy), Complutense University of Madrid (Spain), and University of Bucharest (Romania).