In recent years, research has generated a wide range of methodologies, tools and practices for the application of technology in learning. The partners in T3 have played an active role in this work. The techniques they have proposed (and validated) in research include virtual environments (for the teaching of soft skills), simulations of biological, physical and processes (in science teaching), simulations of inter-social processes (in management training), serious gaming (again in management training), the use of Web 2.0 technology (in collaborative learning), and the use of robots (in science education for school children). Outside the laboratory, however, use of these and similar technologies remains low. Despite major investment, the majority of modern e-learning continues to be based either on video-lessons (mainly used in company or university settings) or on page-turning web sites. Against this background, the strategic goal of T3 is to develop and validate an innovative teaching program to promote the use of advanced learning technology by university teaching staff; secondary school teachers; trainers involved in VET.