Block Magic

The goal of Block Magic is to introduce a new teaching methodology and technology targeting young children between the ages of 2.5 and 7 who are attending pre-school or the early years of primary school.

The overarching goal is to help young learners to learn autonomously. This, the authors believe, is a basic life-skill, of critical importance for their future development. Block Magic will provide an attractive and highly motivating approach to teaching teach a broad range of specific logical, mathematical, language, strategic and social skills which will be important for learners in later life. Block Magic will support the acquisition of life skills where alternative teaching methods may be less effective.
The first goal of Block Magic is to work with teachers in pre-school and early primary education to develop and test a new teaching methodology in which well-established teaching methods ( “logic blocks” and “teaching tiles”) are enhanced through the use of advanced, yet low cost RFID technology . The second goal is to encourage take-up of Block Magic by schools and teachers throughout Europe and, if possible, beyond. In recent years several European countries have adopted a policy of integrating children with special needs in regular classrooms, allowing all the members of the class to grow up together. Block Magic  will contribute to this and other strategies of “inclusive education”.