Enhancing Negotiation skills through on-line Assessment of Competencies and interactive mobile Training ENACT has the ambition to achieve a new milestone towards the provision of innovative pedagogy and assessment methods for helping people to enhance and (self) assess their negotiation competences based on recent psychological modelling and the application of current ICT research.

Decide it

In a rapidly changing world, many decisions are taken in conditions of stress and tight time pressure. Often, the results are less than optimal. Against this background, the goal of DECIDE-IT is to create an innovative, easily used teaching methodology based on a game learning approach . The project will take an existing multiplayer online Read more about Decide it[…]


Studies show that IT can make a useful contribution to learning in infant and primary schools. However, many techniques require major investments in equipment, skills and time. BLOCK MAGIC proposes a novel, IT-based teaching methodology, especially suited to situations where these resources are unavailable. Many learning activities for young children involve manipulation of physical objects. Read more about BLOCK MAGIC[…]


This two year project is led by Plymouth University (Plymouth, UK) and supported by Federico II (University of Naples, Italy), Cork Institute of Technology (Cork, Ireland) and GeProS (a Dieburg based German Consultancy Company) to develop state of the art e-learning scenarios that will allow significant numbers of people working in social enterprises to access Read more about S-Cube[…]


ProActive (Fostering Teachers’ Creativity through Game-Based Learning) is a European LLP project which started in January 2010 and finalizes in December 2011. It aims at fostering creativity and supporting flexibility of trainers working in Lifelong Learning (LLL) sub-programmes through the design of game-based learning scenarios. ProActive is supported by a pedagogical framework where 5 different Read more about ProActive[…]


In recent years, research has generated a wide range of methodologies, tools and practices for the application of technology in learning. The partners in T3 have played an active role in this work. The techniques they have proposed (and validated) in research include virtual environments (for the teaching of soft skills), simulations of biological, physical Read more about T3[…]

Learn to lead

The goal of Learn2Lead is to design, implement, and test a novel, online approach to training in team leadership, suitable for use in SMEs, small government offices, NGOs etc. The training provided by Learn2Lead is based on an online game. In the game, each learner manages a simulated team of employees (e.g. a team of Read more about Learn to lead[…]


Dread-Ed is a multi-users serious game in which players have to manage unexpected events by making decisions in constrained environments with limited knowledge and communication. Each player act as area manager that have to decide with his colleagues how to employ his human resources. By playing, users acquire relational skills such as collective decision making, Read more about Dread-ed[…]


Cooperation in Corvids (COCOR) is a Collaborative Research Project (CRP) in the framework of the ESF -EUROCORES-programme TECT (The Evolution of Cooperation and Trading) . The aim of the project is to understand cooperation in group-living animals. We use the corvids (ravens, crows, rooks, jackdaws, jays and magpies) for in-depth observational and experimental studies of Read more about Cocor[…]


EUropean Training Organization Programme for Innovative and Alternative Mediation Tool   The project put together two existing products: an innovative methodology for the teaching of mediation skills, based on role-playing in the classroom and a Web-based simulation tool (EUTOPIA) allowing teachers to use the same techniques with online learners. http://www.lanas.unina.it/eutopia/